February 10, 2022

Cassette data solution like a boss: it can be this simple

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Both employees of the tax offices and IT decision-makers in the retail sector are faced with the task of checking or providing POS data in accordance with the Cash Register Security Ordinance. A small but fine SAP® process consultancy from Gaul (a.k.a. Minden) has developed the right magic potion to easily solve this difficult issue.

With the SAP® AddOn Receipt4S® provides retailers with a central entry point for auditing, archiving and managing all relevant data relating to the checkout process. In addition, there is another important function that retailers are hotly debating in terms of its practical implementation: the technical security device. Receipt4S® provides the POS data with a signature by means of TSE. It is irrelevant from which SAP module this POS data originates.

This signature ensures the auditability of the bond data - an essential aspect of the Cash Protection Ordinance (in short: KassenSichV), which was created specifically to increase the manipulation security of fiscally significant data. Receipt4S® is certified by SAP® for both ERP and S/4HANA systems and has already been successfully implemented at Ernstings Family, Tegut, Porta Möbel and other well-known food retailers and discounters.


How the potion works: 

  • Uncomplicated and fully integrable SAP solution
  • Quickly ready for use thanks to tried and tested procedure
  • Everything from a single source from the SAP® Silver Partner
  • SD Cash/immediate sales process (VA01)
  • DSFinV-K Export
  • Compliance with KassenSichV & audit-proof archiving
  • Extensible and usable for own development (WD4A, Fiori & SAP GUI)
  • SAP® S/4HANA compatible logging of all processes (journal function)
  • Storage of originals and other data 1:1 in the connected archive
  • Provision of audit data for Z1, Z2 and Z3 access (e.g. DSFinV-K, SAF-T export)
  • Progressive and retrograde audit tools SAP FI/CO and SAP CAR
  • On-premise or cloud solution

In the case of risks and side effects, the Consult-SK Ltd. is a reliable partner for users. Hurdles that arise due to historically grown proprietary developments at retailers can be anticipated without problems when using the POS data add-on.

The most important and most charming point for the user is the following: Should the tax office be on the doorstep for an unannounced audit, then the retrieval of the required data takes place promptly, conveniently and checked for completeness. The package also includes the creation of the legally required process documentation - so you are on the safe and transparent side in more ways than one.


Where is the evidence?

Quacks are many, but how to prove that the medicine works? Besides the already mentioned Reference customers where Receipt4S® is successfully in use, there is the possibility to make an appointment for a personal webcast with CSK.

Telephone contact: 0571/ 78343510

Email: stephan.kaup@consult-sk.de