CSK combines innovative SAP technology with many years of process experience. The result: user-friendly, SAP-integrated software solutions for processing numerous document types in the areas of procurement, finance and sales.

In addition to these core competencies, we are experts in the field of POS data processing in compliance with KassenSichV. We have developed our own SAP solution for this purpose: Receipt4S®, the central entry point to manage, audit and ensure completeness of all relevant data around the POS process.

In our success stories you can learn more about our solutions and their use in various projects..

Fiscalization - the buzz word and hotly debated topic will raise some questions in the area of electronic POS systems: How and what data do I have to store and manage in order to operate within a legally compliant framework as a retailer? What is the so-called "technical security device" all about? How do I protect the system from manipulation?

The new requirements for retailers are initially an IT challenge that has to be mastered by the specialist departments. After all, when the tax office knocks on the door, the POS data must be available in the required format. tegut... has not put the issue on the back burner and has been successfully live on the production system with Receipt4S® since December 2020.

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Success Story Tegut... Receipt4S®

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