December 22, 2021

KassenSichV 2021/2022: Have you thought of everything?

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Since April 26, 2021, it is certain that the tax authorities with AmadeusVerify have a tool that can verify the fiscal Verification of cash register and TSE data enabled. This allows the Tax office quickly find out whether all the technical specifications of the KassenSichV must be complied with. Audits are therefore now to be increasingly expected.

(Rumor has it that there are currently 12,000 Examiners in training to be able to apply the new procedure).


As of April 1, 2021, it is no longer legally compliant to operate a PC cash register without TSE. Exception: deadline of 12/31/22 for cash registers installed after 11/25/10 and before the 1.1.20 were purchased but cannot be upgraded due to their design. The integration of this technical safety device by hardware/software alone is sufficient However, this is not sufficient to meet all the requirements of the Cash Protection Ordinance of 9/26/2017 and the adjustments/additions made later. For:


Through which systems does data flow?

From the receipt to the FI document and vice versa, it must be possible to traceably demonstrate
how the document flow is designed! Keyword: Procedure documentation and environment protection
(the latter is of particular importance with regard to the use of a cloud TSE)!


How should the data be provided in the correct format (-> DSFinV-K)?

We experience different compression and archiving methods in retail for
POS data. Depending on the approach, the targeted and timely data retrieval is all the more problematic.


Where to put the mass data?

The capture of any transactions plus TSE signatures and DSFinV-K files generates
additional data masses. Does your archive allow this? How performant is the information retrieval
from your archive?


Who checks the completeness of your data?

All "recording points" must show matching data, i.e., cash register, TSE, and
Accounting. If you do not want to take any risks here, check the completeness before the
Tax office.

We have dealt intensively with the above-mentioned issues and have developed a solution for our SAP®-
Customers solved. If one or the other question mark should exist with you, you say
gladly let us know!