23 December 2021

CSK Annual Review 2021: We've got it made!

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Started last year, we would like to continue the tradition and share our highlights with you in a review of the year. And with a look over our shoulder, we can see: There was something going on again with us in Minden. 

Let's start with an external view: We have gained new customers again this year - among them the DOHLE trading group. Here we were able to integrate our Invoice solution and Receipt4S®. In addition to acquiring new customers, we have launched productive partnerships to generate added value together.


Establishment of a unique SAP® partner network  

Digitization in retail does not have to be accompanied by a patchwork of IT solutions from different service providers. That is why, at the beginning of the year, we joined forces with our reliable partner, the CAS AG, joined forces with the hokona GmbH brought a third party on board.  

What for? To create a All-In-One Solution for Retail which makes it possible to control payment processes, store merchandise management, and audit-proof POS data archiving completely from the SAP® Fiori Launchpad. With intuitive apps that display relevant data in near-real time. We have given the whole thing a name: Together, we form the RetailOneSolution Network. And you can find out more about it at retailonesolution.com


REexpect GmbH: A subsidiary for special competencies 

While the RetailOneSolution Network is dedicated to digital store management, we expanded another competence by founding a subsidiary. Because already since the founding of CSK in 2013, we are also on the road for our customers in SAP® RE-FX and support through customizing and in-house developments. 

In order to be able to separate the different topics (P2P and O2C solutions, POS data archiving, RE-FX) more easily - and thus also simplify external communication - we founded REexpect GmbH as a wholly owned subsidiary in September 2021. The managing director is Yannik Neidiger, who works for CSK as head of product and project development. With REexpect GmbH, he develops smart products to make the work of property managers easier. By the way, there is a new website for this: re-expect.com


Spruced up: website relaunch and image film 

Now that we've already pointed out two new websites, let's stick with this topic right away. We used the summer of 2021 to polish our look. We have our website consult-sk.com and our product page receipt4s.com relaunched. We are now clearer, tidier and have a uniform digital look 😊. But that's all online, what do we look like anyway and where does the CSK live? You can find out, at least in part, through our image film:

New employees and a 2nd managing director

There have also been personnel changes. On the one hand, we have received reinforcement: Céline Short has been supporting us in project management, application consulting and support since September 2021. Céline joined us fresh after her studies in Bielefeld, including an internship at a well-known industrial company in East Westphalia. 

But that was not all in the area of personnel. Thomas Dresselhaus, whom our customers and partners know as Head of Projects and Support, took over the position of Managing Director - alongside Stephan Kaup. 


"It has been an exciting year and I am happy to witness how good teamwork leads to great results for our customers. I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!"
Stephan Kaup
Managing Director

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