September 9, 2021

We welcome Celine Kurz to the CSK team!

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Since September 1, 2021 we have gained another team member: Celine Kurz assists us in projects and support. In the interview Celine told us more about herself.


Hello Celine and welcome to our team! How did you get into SAP application consulting?

Celine: I have completed my bachelor's degree in business administration at the FH-Bielefeld in August 2021. I chose Controlling / Finance / Accounting as my major. Fortunately, I worked as a student trainee in the marketing department of a large company in East Westphalia during my studies and was then able to complete my mandatory internship there in the financial accounting department.

So I was already allowed to get to know the basics of ERP systems during my studies. There, I worked with SAP, especially with the AFI monitor. Here I processed and posted incoming invoices via SAP. This insight sparked my interest in application consulting. This was also the subject of my final thesis.


What tasks do you take on with us and what interests you about them? 

Celine: I support our managing director Thomas Dresselhaus in SAP application consulting. Together we want to make the overarching business processes more efficient.

I am particularly interested in the area of invoice receipt. Optimization solutions for SAP can make fundamental processes in the company faster, more automated and cost-efficient.  


Regardless of the fact that we can use your support very well in view of many new customer projects - what do you like to spend your time with as a private person, if we may ask?

Celine: I like to spend my free time doing sports. I try to go to the gym twice a week, but also like to do home workouts. I'm also an avid movie and series buff, with everything from action to comedies to dramas.  


That sounds like a good basis for conversation in the coffee kitchen. We have sports enthusiasts and movie junkies among our colleagues :). Then my last (possibly a catch-all) question follows: If you could be a Marvel character, which one would you like to be and why?

Iron Man! Tony Stark is a genius and his inventions are insane! He is always developing his suits and the use of nanotechnology in his as well as Spider Man's suit in the last Avengers two movies is outstanding.
Damn good answer... 🙂 Thanks for letting us "squeeze" you a bit! We wish you a successful and wonderful time with us.