September 7, 2021

KassenSichV: Now the problems emerge

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Although already in force since January 1, 2020, many retailers have postponed the issue of KassenSichV until the last minute of the deadline extension (March 2021). Now the question arises: How did it go with the chosen IT solutions? Not always optimally, that much should be said in advance.

There was a lot of back and forth about the new law on the manipulation protection of cash register data, called the Cash Register Security Ordinance (KassenSichV for short). Initially, a transitional period was granted until September 30, 2020, to ensure a Technical SmeaSureMenteinstitution (TSE for short). When even that was not enough, the federal states granted further exemptions that extended into 2021. Now, the first half of the year is over and the issue of fiscalization should be over now, right?


Where to put the additional data?

The implementation of a TSE alone does not make a dent in compliance with the KassenSichV. This is because the TSE does nothing other than generate a signature for each business transaction and thus a so-called TAR file. This file, as well as the original document, must be stored in an audit-proof manner and, according to GoBD, must be retained for 10 years. In addition, the data must be provided in a standardized DSFinV-K format.

This results in a huge amount of data that cannot just be safely shoved somewhere where it can collect dust peacefully. The data must also be retrievable in the event of an external audit by the tax authorities! If you take a quick look at how many receipts are generated each month in the stores of a discounter, for example, you can imagine that it adds up to quite a lot.


Alternative to your own archive: Cloud storage for rent

With the SAP AddOn Receipt4S - the central entry point to manage, audit and ensure completeness of all relevant data around the checkout process - we offer a convenient solution for managing your POS data. Through our partnership with d.velop, we have another ace up our accounting sleeve: Rentable Cloud Storage!

With the d.velop cloud storage, you can dispense with your own archive systems in your data center and store your sensitive data in an audit-proof and high-performance manner. This completely eliminates the need for secondary storage systems, which are cost-intensive for you in terms of procurement, maintenance and operation. The archive system can be rented for as little as 13 cents per gigabyte (monthly) (here: minimum volume 12,000 GB). With an annual advance payment, the conditions are even more favorable.

Either use d.velop cloud storage as an additional supplement to your existing local storage system (hybrid variant), or you can outsource your storage completely (cloud-only variant).

Any questions?

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