September 14, 2023

SAP CodeJam: Machine Learning and Service Integration

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Freshly supplied with the latest information on Machine Learning and Service Integration in the SAP Cloud - our employees were on the road at the SAP CodeJams in Hamburg and Dortmund. Mission: Continuing education!

As process consultants and ABAP developers, it goes without saying that we provide each other with information internally, but also take advantage of opportunities on the part of SAP to keep our technical know-how up to date.

On September 8, 2023, our dual student visited Merna and apprentice Frederik the event "Getting Started with Machine Learning using SAP HANA and Python." in Hamburg. At the same time, Tobi, our head of development, set off in the other direction with team member Daniel. In Dortmund, the SAP CodeJam "Service Integration with SAP Cloud Application Programming Model." held.

SAP CodeJam Hamburg | September 8, 2023

No prior knowledge was necessary for our CodeJam, so we were a mixed group - from programming beginners to professionals. In the morning, we looked at the basics of Machine Learning and then worked on a Machine Learning model linked to a HANA database using the case study "Survival on the Titanic". The topic was really exciting and we had a great day at the SAP site in Hamburg.
Merna Nassif
Dual Student Business Informatics

SAP CodeJam Dortmund | September 8, 2023 | Host: adesso

I had a great time at my first SAP CodeJam last week, where DJ was our perfect instructor. We learned more about the Cloud Application Model and DJ's expertise and enthusiasm made the event a success. It was a super learning experience that enriched my understanding of SAP and the cloud. Many thanks to DJ and the adesso team!
Daniel Airich
ABAP Developer

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