August 2, 2023

Frederik Rekos: The developer team is happy about growth

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Just a few weeks ago we told you about our new addition to the consulting division, Cederic Trindade, presented. Now the development team can also be happy about a new face. Since July 1, 2023, the CSK is enriched by Frederik Rekos, whom we have grabbed for an interview.


Would you like to tell the reader something about your professional background? What brought you to CSK and what are your responsibilities here?

In the past I studied computational linguistics, but it didn't quite work out with the degree. During my studies I have already worked in very different areas -.
from selling bread rolls in the kiosk, to office and administrative work, to IT support and lecturing in adult education.

I became aware of CSK through the Azubi-Vibes trade fair in Minden and am looking forward to joining the team as a trainee in the area of development. I am particularly interested in programming in ABAP and SAP Fiori.


What skills from your previous jobs do you think will help you the most here with us?

Some skills from my past activities are also relevant for my future tasks at CSK. During my activities in administration and organization, I had to compare and correct documents such as delivery bills and invoices in paper form, sometimes laboriously by hand. Therefore, my first thought after entering the SAP environment was, "If only I'd had that in the office before!"

Programming is also not new to me, as I worked a lot with Python and Java during my studies. In ABAP, things are a little different, but my knowledge can be transferred quite well.

Force of habit currently still tempts me to end statements with a semicolon instead of a period, but the underlying structures and logics are comparable.
I also had my first contact with the topic of AI. Although it was more in relation to the processing of language, the models can be applied in many ways, as current technologies such as ChatGPT show. I am sure that the topic will also become more relevant in the SAP environment in the future and that completely new possibilities for analyzing company data will arise.


At the time of the interview, you've been with us for a month: How do you experience the daily interaction and why didn't we scare you off 😀.

The working atmosphere in the office is fantastic. Although I notice how full the team's schedules sometimes are, there is no sign of stress or hectic. Of course, this also influences the way we interact with each other, so that you always find many open ears when you have a concern. Lunch together is also a welcome opportunity to talk about this and that.

Of course, there are times when you don't have enough time to talk about soccer at the coffee machine, but that's normal.

In case you intended to scare me off, your plan has failed anyway 🙂


That makes us very happy! Are there also challenges in your new role? And if so, what is your plan to address them?

The most important thing for me at the moment is to find my way around the huge area of SAP. However, the team supports me a lot in this. Be it through the possibility to attend appointments, beginner-friendly presentations or user manuals - there are opportunities everywhere to learn or deepen knowledge.

However, I also agree with the statement "Software development is not a spectator sport". fully agree. Just reading and listening has not created a master. That's why I currently spend a lot of time programming various introductory practical tasks in ABAP. This allows me to first try my hand at problems that arise and to develop myself effectively before relying on the superior know-how of my new colleagues.


What would an employee interview be without our popular fun question?! Here goes. Sometimes it's like the movies. When you think of famous movies/blockbusters, which title best describes your life and why?

The first thing that comes to mind is a scene from "Synecdoche, New York" by Charlie Kaufmann, in which the protagonist, after 17 years of preparing a play, is asked "When are we going to get an audience in here?" And that's how I felt after the premature end of my long studies - When and where will I finally find the opportunity to use my experience and interests productively? I have now found the answer at the CSK.


We would like to welcome you, Frederik! Thank you very much for the interview!