20 June 2023

CSK Onboarding: We welcome Cederic Trindade to the team

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It has become a tradition for us to introduce new employees in the blog. And we continue that herewith, because there is a newcomer at CSK, who had to face some curious questions^^. Here is the interview:

Hello Cederic! You are our new recruit in the area of process consulting and will be starting a dual study program in business informatics with us in the future. How did you find out about us and how did you know you wanted to sign up with us? 

After I had already completed a commercial apprenticeship in my hometown of Minden and was able to gain some work experience, I decided to change industries and start this step with a dual study program. My roommate has been a part of your team for some time, which is how the contact between me and Consult-SK was established. A familiar, steadily growing team, with an impressive customer base and on top with seat most beautiful office in Minden? Almost too good to be true.

Of course, I would have put up with working a little further away from Minden, but if I can choose, I'm quite happy to stay in my little home town. So the CSK really had everything I wanted, and apparently my motivation has also been well received.

Business informatics is not rocket science, but it is demanding. Why are you interested in this field?

When I chose to study business informatics, my focus was on learning something future-oriented. IT and technology are constantly advancing and developing. It's important to me to keep up with the times. The business part of the degree makes you a versatile interface between the two areas.

You already have a professional background outside of computer science. What skills do you think will be useful to you as a process consultant?

During my training as an automotive salesman, I learned to love customer contact first and foremost. No two people are the same, which means that over time you automatically learn to be patient (sometimes more, sometimes less^^), to get involved with different people and to provide customer-oriented advice. I think that these experiences will be especially useful to me in process consulting.

You have already had many meetings to get to know each other and to provide information - and your colleagues have also taken you to some customer meetings. How have you experienced this first time so far? 

I can say in advance that I find my time at CSK very exciting so far. For the short time that I have been part of the team, I have already had a lot of input. In my day-to-day work, I get to hear about many topics that are new to me, and my colleagues try not to overwhelm me with too much information at once.

Nevertheless, I am grateful for every appointment in which I am allowed to eavesdrop and every new task that is entrusted to me. But it's not just the news from the working world that fascinates me, but also the team itself: Every colleague here has a unique back story and an interesting path that led him or her to CSK. There is nothing 0815 here, and that motivates me even more to become part of the growing family here.

Finally, I always like to ask a fun question. Here's yours: As you know, we love to cook & eat together and order some fine food - if you were a fast food, which one and why?

That's tough ... I think I would be a burger- versatile and goes down well at almost any occasion 😁