19 July 2023

Intelligent document management - Why the investment in SmartDocs pays off

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In administrations, often only a few employees have to process more and more data and documents. Efficient document management is therefore crucial. Manually managing paper documents or even digital files can be time-consuming, error-prone and costly. This is where SmartDocs comes in, a powerful add-on for SAP that helps companies optimize their document management and make the entire process more efficient.


What is SmartDocs?

SmartDocs is an SAP add-on specifically designed for document management and organization. It integrates seamlessly with a company's existing SAP environment and extends the system's functionality to provide a comprehensive document lifecycle. From creation to approval to archiving, SmartDocs offers a wide range of functions that simplify and automate document management.


Why is the use of SmartDocs a sensible idea?

  1. Central data management: With SmartDocs, all documents can be viewed in one central location or monitor. This enables quick and easy access to information and reduces the risk of document loss or duplication. Employees can access relevant documents in real time, regardless of their location or the department in which they work.
  2. Automated workflows: SmartDocs automates document workflow and optimizes collaboration between different departments. Approval processes are accelerated as documents are automatically routed to the right people when actions are required. This reduces manual effort, improves efficiency and avoids delays.
  3. Improved compliance: Compliance with regulations and policies is of great importance to organizations. SmartDocs enables the implementation of security and access controls to ensure that only authorized individuals can access specific documents. In addition, audit trails and version controls can be created to ensure traceability of changes and revisions.
  4. Time and cost savings: By automating processes and optimizing document management, companies can achieve significant time and cost savings. Employees spend less time searching for documents or manually processing paperwork. Instead, they can focus on value-added tasks and increase productivity.
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In summary:

SmartDocs offers companies an intelligent solution for document management in the SAP environment. With its extensive features for centralized data management, workflow automation, improved compliance, and time and cost savings, using SmartDocs is a wise investment. Organizations can increase productivity, reduce errors, and improve overall document management efficiency. If you are looking for an efficient document management solution in your SAP environment, SmartDocs could be the right choice for your organization.

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