August 25, 2022

Printing from SAP - Linking Correspondence Intelligently

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Already printed from SAP® FI today? Then you know the problem of having to track down documents via different transactions in order to print and/or send them individually. Possibly including a detour via a mail program. This can also be done more simply!


SmartDocs Suite, that's the name of our SAP® AddOn for accelerating correspondence printing. "Suite" because we guarantee an overview of the most diverse types of correspondence in ONE monitor. Whether it's outgoing invoices, payment advices, reminders or direct debit notices: in SmartDocs Monior, you can see all documents belonging to a transaction at a glance. The intelligent linking takes place automatically and you save yourself the trouble of calling up various documents. SAP® transactions. You can print and/or send related documents bundled together.

In addition, there is no need to go via your Outlook or other mail programs, because SmartDocs allows you to send directly from SAP®. No media disruption, more time for you! And the combination of automation and direct dispatch means there are no recording gaps. You are always able to see in the SmartDocs Monitor alone when documents have been sent. Especially when it comes to discussions and you would normally have to turn your mailbox upside down to prove something, you are clearly at an advantage with our AddOn.

Your future self then simply says, "I see here that I sent you all the documents on March 15. But I'll be happy to send them to you again :). Done, sent!" Because resending also becomes much easier when you find correspondences historized and linked in the SAP® system.


Benefits in summary

  1. You can find transactions much faster, e.g. because your customer or supplier requests the documents again. The new dispatch is only one click away!
  2. You know exactly what status the document has for dispatch. Thanks to document flow control, no one can fool you.
  3. A status traffic light alerts you when there is something left to do.

You can activate individual modules for many correspondence types, which appear as additional tabs in the SAP® Monitor. After a specific selection, you can see at a glance which documents have been generated and have the correspondence output under control at all times thanks to the completeness function, document flow and status display.


Integrable modules

  • FI-Avisen
  • FI reminders
  • FI debit memo confirmations
  • Outgoing invoice
  • Rental correspondence RE-FX

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