April 4, 2024

Audit simulation: Fiscal data correctly archived?

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At the latest when a visit from the tax authorities is on the horizon, things start to get restless with regard to the archiving of cash register data. In our experience, the integration of a technical security device (TSE) is old hat, but only a few retailers and wholesalers have actually simulated an audit to find out whether their archived individual cash register transactions are completely and correctly linked to signatures. 


The challenge: Fiscal data in SAP and the use of the TSE

The combination of a POS system and a Technical safety device (TSE) is an important step in ensuring the integrity of cash transactions. But without a simulation of the fiscal data check, companies are placing blind faith in untested software. The risk? Incorrect or incomplete data records, which can have serious consequences in the event of an audit by the tax authorities.


Our solution: Verification with AmadeusVerify

Consult-SK GmbH uses AmadeusVerifya software basis that is also used by the tax authorities to check the correctness of fiscalization and the technical validity of the data. By submitting TSE and DSFinV-K exports from a period of at least four weeks and from 2-3 branches, we enable a comprehensive check of all relevant business transactions.


What is checked?

  • Technical validity of the data: The system checks whether the data has been generated and saved correctly in accordance with the technical specifications.
  • Correctness of certificates and records: The focus is on the validity of the TSE certificates and the completeness of the records.
  • Consistency check: DSFinV-K and TSE exports are compared to ensure that the information contained in the DSFinV-K matches the TSE data.


Avoiding the worst-case scenario

The installation of a BSI-certified TSE is just the beginning. Without proper archiving and auditing of TSE data, companies risk storing incomplete and erroneous records that cannot be recovered. In the worst case scenario, companies cannot provide a valid explanation for the loss of data and prove that measures were taken to detect and rectify errors at an early stage.


Presentation of the results

Consult-SK GmbH offers not only a thorough review, but also a detailed presentation of the results. This includes an analysis of the error messages, an explanation of the causes of discrepancies and recommendations for rectification. With Receipt4S® As your internal control body and part of the Tax Compliance Management System, you always stay informed and can act proactively to ensure the accuracy of your fiscal data.

The verification and simulation of fiscal data in SAP with AmadeusVerify by Consult-SK GmbH is a decisive step towards securing the Compliance and to avoid serious errors in data archiving. By identifying and rectifying potential problems at an early stage, companies not only demonstrate their responsibility to the tax authorities, but also ensure the integrity of their business processes. For more information or to arrange an audit appointment, please contact us at stephan.kaup@consult-sk.de or +49 (571) 783435-10.