March 7, 2024

WHITEPAPER | Retail 2024: Tax Compliance and KassenSichV in SAP®

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At the latest when a visit from the tax authorities is on the horizon, things start to get restless with regard to the archiving of cash register data. In our experience, the integration of a Technical Security Device (TSE) is old hat, but few retailers and wholesalers have actually simulated an audit to find out whether their archived individual cash register transactions are completely and correctly linked to signatures. That's why we've created a new white paper to help guide the way.

No company seems to be close to perfection when it comes to the precision of its POS data. "It'll fit in the end, we've stored it in compressed form somewhere" seems to be the unofficial motto. But what happens if this data cannot be retrieved via a digital interface and checked with Verify, as required by the Cash Register Act? Not to mention that the different types of access (Z1, Z2, Z3) can be enabled without any problems. 

Even those who hold their hands in front of their face are unfortunately still visible and cannot hide. So instead of relying on the mere hope that everything will go well, a clean Tax compliance management to avoid breaking a sweat in the event of a cash register inspection.

We are therefore pleased to present our latest Whitepaper "Retail 2024: Tax Compliance Management & KassenSichV in SAP" to introduce. It is more than just a document; it is a guide that sheds light and shows a way out of the metaphorical well that many companies fall into when it comes to compliance. Cash regulations have fallen.

This white paper is a guide for any business looking to navigate the realms of tax compliance and the Cash Register Act. With the right knowledge and tools at your side, we can all sleep easy and ensure that our business is on the audit-proof side - now and in the future.

What can you expect in the white paper?

  • The connection between tax compliance management and the Cash Register Act
  • What is a TSE and what does the KassenSichV require?
  • Challenges and risks associated with non-compliance with the KassenSichV.
  • In-depth information on progressive and retrograde auditability and the importance of procedural documentation
  • Practical recommendations for action

Get your free copy now! Visit our landing page to download your free copy of "Retail 2024: Tax Compliance Management & KassenSichV in SAP". It's time to step out of the metaphorical well and look to the future with confidence.

Together, we can overcome the challenges and ensure that your business not only survives, but thrives in a world of regulatory requirements and tax pitfalls.

Download now and navigate safely through the KassenSichV