March 13, 2024

Minden Wolves: Season opener with charity match

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We have great news! As proud supporters of local sport, we are pleased to announce that our partnership with the Minden Wolves will become even more visible this year. Yes, you heard right! Our logo now adorns the shoulders of the players of the first American football club in the Mühlenkreis Minden-Lübbecke. Since their foundation in February 2019, the Wolves have built up an impressive fan base and have around 130 members.


The Wolves stand for passion, commitment and team spirit, values that we at Consult-SK GmbH want to keep alive and promote. That's why we are more than just sponsors; we are fans and part of a community that supports sport and its positive impact on society. Anyone who has ever been to a match will appreciate the family atmosphere and the great atmosphere.

And there are even more reasons to look forward to it: the coming season promises to be more exciting than ever! With an impressive charity game against the Germany Old Stars on April 6, training with renowned offensive line coach Gerrit Meister and new talented players such as linebacker Kevin Neal from Baltimore, the Wolves are preparing intensively for the challenges ahead. The team is well positioned with players such as Willie Fedd Jr, Phillip Gamble and many more.

In the Oberliga 2024, the Wolves will face exciting matches against teams such as the Dortmund Giants, Düsseldorf Bulldozers and Münster Mammuts. Every game will be a showcase of commitment and talent, and we can hardly wait to cheer on our team.

At Consult-SK GmbH, we believe in the power of sport to unite communities and are proud to be part of this wonderful journey with the Minden Wolves. We look forward to sharing an exciting and successful season with you all.

Let's go, Wolves! Show them what you're made of and let us all stand behind you with pride and enthusiasm!

Your team from Consult-SK GmbH

#WeAreTheWolves 🐺🏈

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