December 7, 2022

KassenSichV 2022: Technical and functional solutions

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It has been in force since 2020, but is still problematic in practical implementation in many places: It is about the Cash Security Ordinance (KassenSichV for short) and subsequently about the integration of a TSE as well as the correct provision of data. We provide various information in order to comfortably deal with the current fiscal issue.

What problems arise? In practice, it often turns out that a TSE solution is integrated at the retailer, but no data verification takes place. The retailer therefore does not know whether the TSE signatures are archived correctly and completely together with the data from the POS and whether corresponding DSFinV-K files have been generated.


Webcast: "KassenSichV: How the Tax Office Checks with AmadeusVerify".

In addition, the question arises as to how the retailer wants to present its data in a comprehensible manner, check it for completeness and, if necessary, export it when the tax authorities come knocking. The tax authorities have opted for the verification tool AmadeusVerify, which was developed by Amadeus360 (GastroMIS GmbH). Therefore, we have teamed up with Amadeus360 and jointly developed an informative Online event organized.

The recordings of this webcast and contact information for the respective experts can be found at here.


How to stay up to date

For SAP® users we offer the AddOn Receipt4S® which can be used to close the technical system gap mentioned above. In the SAP® Monitor, various filter options are available (market, period, etc.) to view relevant POS data in the overview. A status traffic light immediately reveals whether the TSE signature and DSFinV-K file were generated correctly or whether there was a technical problem in the POS system, for example, so that a note can be logged for the affected business transactions. After all, who knows years later what happened on a specific day?

As a KassenSichV specialist in the SAP® environment, we regularly report on further developments and news around the topic. You can find the CSK blog here. Details about the Receipt4S® add-on are available on the Product website to find. Follow us on LinkedIn or XINGto receive news automatically.


General background information

For merchants who would like to inform themselves about the cash register security regulation in general, d.velop has published the free whitepapers "Get on the Safe Side: Managing Cash and Fiscal Data in SAP® in Compliance with the Law". Clearly and comprehensibly explained, you will find the answers to basic questions about KassenSichV, TSE and procedural documentation. If you would like to put your knowledge to the test, you can use our KassenSichV Quiz complete.

d.velop is one of our partner companies and complements the company's range of services with modern, flexible archiving solutions. Because the requirements of the legal fiscalization guidelines create mass data that retailers must store in an audit-proof manner. You can find more information and a short explanatory video in this Blog post.