June 9, 2022

Receipt4S® plus Cloud Archive: Our Partnership with d.velop

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If you implement the KassenSichV guidelines correctly, you will quickly discover that there is a huge amount of data that needs to be archived. So that this does not become a hardware construction site for our customers, you can combine our SAP® AddOn Receipt4S® with the cloud storage of d.velop. 

We like this partnership so much that we've adapted our explainer video. So in a nutshell - here's the core info:


That was helpful, but further information would be nice? With pleasure! Read more here:

Receipt4S® is the central entry point to all relevant POS data. With the integration of our SAP® AddOn, you have a monitor that gives you the optimal overview of the recorded transactions. Various filter settings reduce long search activities and you immediately find the data you need. Including completeness control and an insight into the document flow, so you know exactly which data flows where.

Our proprietary development has many other functions that make digital accounting easier for you and that are detailed on receipt4s.de are to be found. In essence, it's about ensuring that your POS data is audit-proof and that you can provide the data on request. Promptly and without stress. With the certainty that the procedural documentation is also easily traceable. 

But there is one problem we cannot solve: We don't offer storage ourselves, but we bring the interfaces to connect to your archive. Now, TSE signatures and transaction information lead to mass data that has to go somewhere. If you are short of space, we have an idea.


Flexible and cost-effective volume: d.velop documents for receipt4s

d.velop is our strong partner when customers want to do without storage hardware. With d.velop documents you save the effort of administration and maintenance in your own data center and archive securely, cost-effectively and efficiently in the cloud. You only pay for the storage that is booked and used. High and recurring investments in hardware are completely eliminated.

You do not have to worry about the security of your data. The d.velop cloud is operated on certified systems in Germany. There, all data is stored, there it stays - on a consistent system that is continuously updated. The complete administration of the cloud is the responsibility of d.velop. Just tell us what you need and we will find a solution!

"Either use d.velop cloud storage as an additional backup for your still existing local storage system (hybrid variant), or completely outsource your storage right away (cloud-only variant)." - d.velop