20 June 2022

Internship at CSK: How was it with us, Crina Betivu?

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Since it has become our custom to introduce new employees in an interview, we would like to do the same for our interns. Crina Betivu spent two weeks with us as a student intern to gain an insight into the world of SAP® and we naturally wanted to know how she liked it.


What prompted you to do an internship at a consulting firm and what made you want to get a taste of what we have to offer?

I have been interested in business and financing in general for quite some time. When I then looked into many areas around the topic and did a lot of research, I came to consulting. I attend the Ratsgymnasium Minden and go into the 10th grade, where a 2-week internship is on the schedule. And since I wanted to learn more about management consulting, I looked for places where you can learn about working life in this field and the tasks involved.

While searching for consulting companies in Minden and the surrounding area I came across Consult-SK. I was quickly convinced that I could learn a lot here and not only in consulting, but also in many other areas. Since the homepage already roughly explained where the focus lies here, I had a good overview and this made my decision much easier.


Your resume has convinced us and shows motivation. Therefore also for the readers: Where else are you involved and what motivated you to do so?

On the one hand, I am active in the DLRG outside of school, attend courses there from time to time in order to be able to obtain my trainer's license at some point, and also help out with children's swimming. And for a change, I will help out on the boat during operations in the future. Sport is for me a great balance to everyday life and serves as a counterbalance to stress. Furthermore, I have been tutoring for more than a year, both at school and privately in English, math and French.


And what were your impressions of your internship with us? Did you imagine it would be like this beforehand, or was it different from what you expected?

In fact, I didn't expect to be taken on in so many areas and to get such a precise and detailed insight. My typical expectations of the internship were that everything would be relatively superficial and you would only be roughly taken along. However, I was already inspired at the interview and my anticipation was definitely not in vain. I received a very warm welcome from everyone and settled in right away, so I immediately felt comfortable and right at home.

Everyone made an effort and took time for me to show me everything individually. And I also learned that programming can be fun, even though that was the last thing I would have said about myself. What I like best is the concept that everyone can learn from everyone else and that everyone approaches a combination of consulting and development. All in all, my expectations were definitely exceeded and it was a great opportunity to enter the working world.


We are glad to hear that :). What were your tasks during the internship?

Because I was fully equipped digitally like all the other employees, I was able to attend any meetings, both internally and with clients, which gave me an even more personal insight and why I'm also grateful that I was included as often as possible. We tried as much as possible to have me check in with someone else every day, because everyone has different projects.

Even though not everyone was in the office very often, it was great to get to know everyone and to get a taste of their areas. This prevented me from looking at everything in a one-sided way, because there was a lot of focus on practicing what you like and enjoy. Individually, I was given tasks such as programming something small, creating Excel spreadsheets and, of course, I expanded my vocabulary enormously because everything was explained to me and questions were welcome.


For new employees, I like to ask a question that is not directly related to the work, because it is important to us at CSK that we fit together as a team. Therefore: If you could swap lives with someone for a week, which person would it be and why?

I rarely have firm answers to such questions because there are numerous admirable people in the world. And there would be 2 views how I could make the decision. On the one hand, I would like to switch with a globally influential person, like Bill Gates, to feel what such power does to you and how you can use it for good in many ways.

But on the other hand, I would enjoy to change life with a rock star, like Jon Bon Jovi or Steven Tyler, to live an adrenaline-filled life for once, where nothing is ever boring and you are always somewhere else with someone else and can let yourself go completely on stage.


An exciting answer! Thank you, dear Crina, for taking part in our interview! We are happy that you decided to continue supporting us. Welcome on board!