14 July 2022

Cash audit 2022: What the tax office wants to see now WEBINAR

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Three experts and THE opportunity to eliminate the last question marks in your head! Because with regard to the KassenSichV, the auditors in almost all federal states are trained on the new audit tool to check TSE signatures, TAR and DSFinV-K files.

Together we invite d.velop AG and the Consult-SK Ltd.to participate in our webinar. The focus is on highly topical issues regarding the KassenSichV and its implementation in SAP® as well as the archiving of the resulting mass data.

We have a special guest on board: Tobias Teutemacher, tax expert and tax investigator in NRW. He can give a first-hand account of what's at stake in 2022 cash audits and what to expect as a merchant when the IRS comes knocking!



  • Legal basis (§146a / KassenSichV / AEAO / DSFinV-K)
  • How does the tax office audit based on these legal principles?
  • What options are there in SAP® to check your own data for completeness?
  • Also: Where does which data originate and how is it to be audited/archived?
  • Mass data: When your own archive is no longer sufficient
  • YOUR questions

In order to provide you with the greatest possible benefit, we will be happy to answer your questions on the above topics during the webinar. If you like, feel free to submit them to us in advance: sandra.spoenemann@consult-sk.de.



Tobias Teutemacher | Dipl. Finanzwirt and tax investigator in NRW

Stephan Kaup | Founder and Managing Partner | Consult-SK GmbH

Karl-Heinz Kühlkamp | Senior Account Manager Retail | d.velop AG


Cash audit 2022: What the tax office wants to see now

August 9, 2022 | 10 - 11 a.m.