19 July 2022

Split up general costs in SAP®: SplitUpDebit

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IT infrastructure, advertising materials, operating costs - there are many examples of goods and services that franchisors have to order centrally and then charge on. In many cases, this allocation is done manually, although there is a simple solution for SAP® users. In this article, we show how this can look.


We come from the retail sector and know where the shoe pinches in terms of process technology. In discussions with our Existing customers we noticed a technical gap when it comes to the onward invoicing of centrally ordered goods/services to individual stores. True to our guiding principle of wanting to make processes simpler and better, we needed a solution to minimize the effort involved in invoicing.


SplitUpDebit: Automated billing of costs

Our SAP® solution simply ties in with our CSK Invoice products and allows you to further invoice incoming total invoices in a simple and transparent way:

  • Branching from the FI document or AFI center document and manual or partially automated refinement and posting of follow-on documents
  • Summary and division of positions
  • Optional distribution to company codes, G/L accounts, customers and vendors (incl. CPD)
  • Automated creation of documents and filing in the connected archive
  • Posting and reversal of re-invoiced documents
  • Overview monitor for displaying all documents that have already been processed, including their status


In which cases does SplitUpDebit make sense?

Sending out an order and receiving money for it at the end - at CSK we call this process "Purchase To Cash". In practice, two cases occur most frequently in which clerks have to process such transactions in SAP: The owner of a large property, e.g. a shopping center, has various tenants to which he must allocate an invoice according to a cost key or a Company/franchiser ordered to the extent of the framework agreements and oncharged to various retailers. Further cases are conceivable.

Possible use cases:

  • Advertising measures (TV commercials, website, bonus programs, promotional materials, etc.)
  • IT infrastructure incl. maintenance and support
  • Standard goods, private labels
  • Water/sewage and electricity
  • Maintenance, reading and calibration of equipment that determines consumption
  • Trash removal/cleaning/lighting of common areas.
  • Operation of common facilities (elevators, green areas, toilets, etc.)

Any questions? Gladly!

Our contact persons:

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Stephan Kaup: stephan.kaup@consult-sk.de | +49 571 78343510

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