December 1, 2022

Implementation of the KassenSichV: Problems with fiscalization

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The introduction phase of the German Cash Register Security Ordinance (KassenSichV), the Technical Security Device (TSE) and the Digital Treasury Interface for Cash Register Systems (DSFinV-K) has been completed. The majority of cash register transactions relevant to sales tax are provided with TSE signatures in accordance with the regulations. However, the issue is not over - there are practical problems with implementation.


How do cash register inspections and external audits work?

Since 2017, we have already been working with our SAP AddOn Receipt4S® to provide retailers with a central point of access to their POS data. Our solution is in constant development and takes into account all additions to the KassenSichV and current audit procedures. Over the past five years, we have built up a reliable information network, e.g. with tax authorities, tax investigators, the developers of the audit tool AmadeusVerify and many more. With the expertise we have built up, we are reliably at your side to be prepared for cash register inspections and external audits. And this according to the latest state of knowledge.

Together with Dipl. Finanzwirt Tobias Teutemacher, tax investigator in NRW and our partner d.velop we provided information on the most important key points as part of the webinar "Cash audit 2022: What the tax office wants to see now". After a short registration, the webinar recording is available here:


TSE is present, but does not work

Another problem that is frequently encountered in the practical implementation of fiscalization is the improper functioning of the Technical safety equipment (TSE). For example, in the form that signatures generated by the TSE are not assigned uniquely or even multiple times. The mere integration of a TSE is of no use if there is no appropriate check run to guarantee the correct linking of POS data with signatures and DSFinV-K files.

Here, too, we offer a solution. During a workshop, we can review your data and determine where the shoe still pinches. We support you both with our SAP AddOn, which is quickly ready for use, but also with the creation of the extensive procedural documentation. Together, we can shed light on the data darkness and you can be sure that you know exactly where your data flows through and what happens to it, from the receipt to the FI document and back.


Suitable archive for accumulating mass data not available

Anyone who has already dealt with the issue of fiscalization in their own company will quickly realize that an unbelievable amount of data is created that has to be archived in an audit-proof AND RECOVERABLE manner. Not so easy when your own system does not allow for such data storage, or at least not in a performant form. And what to do in this case? Invest in your own infrastructure and increase the storage volume? Or would you prefer a cloud solution? How secure is the whole thing then and what needs to be considered?

In this respect, with us at your side, you again benefit from our top-class network. Our AddOn can be used flexibly and can be connected to your archive or to a cloud archive without any problems. You can find out which providers come into question here and whether the SAP Business Technology Platform will soon play a role in this context by contacting us without obligation :).

Feel free to have a preliminary conversation to find out how we may help!