February 15, 2024

E-procurement: successfully mastering procurement quests

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Imagine this: You're standing in the shopping jungle, armed with nothing but your courage and a shopping list longer than your last vacation. The challenge? Not only do you have to find your way out of this thicket with all the goods you need, but you also have to make sure that your adventures are not immortalized in the book of financial missteps. Fortunately, there is a magic weapon: the right SAP add-on for e-procurement. A true sword of transparency that cuts through the thicket of data chaos and puts you back in control of your procurement quests.

This is where CSK comes into play, we are your faithful companion in the world of process consulting, equipped with suitable add-ons to avoid the infamous Maverick Buying the sinister practice where employees, driven by the need to act quickly, order outside the intended system. These heroic acts may provide short-term relief, but in the long run they lead to headaches, higher costs and an accounting department that is baffled.

The journey begins with a requirement request, also known as a BANF. This is where you decide whether your e-procurement magic wand will see the light of day or gather dust in the dark basement of inefficiency. A user interface that looks more like a maze and missing data are like mines on the road to success. Employees take shortcuts and order past the system because - let's face it - the end goal is that the requested materials arrive, no matter what.

But be careful! These shortcuts are deceptive. They lead to a forest of intransparency, where traceability is lost if an employee is absent and cost control resembles a wild animal that is difficult to tame.

And then there is the Approval processan ancient ritual that is often alien to non-SAP users. They submit their requests on paper or by email as if they were messages to the gods, hoping for a miracle. The purchasers then have to transfer these cryptic characters into the system, a task that is as time-consuming as a quest without a map.

CSK knows how to conquer this dragon: with an e-procurement solution that is so intuitive that even the bravest adventurer can use it. A central portal that connects all Demand requirements receives, enables individual approval workflows and even offers mobile approvals so that supervisors can put their seal of approval on quests while on the move.

Purchasing platforms that lie outside the SAP system are like hidden villages whose treasures have yet to be discovered. An add-on provides the bridge here so that all data flows in real time and is available in SAP or the add-on.

Would you like to go on this journey with CSK and discover how e-procurement can give your procurement processes wings? Then don't hesitate to get in touch. Your quest starts now.