June 1, 2023

BANF and ordering in SAP: transparent and efficient

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Is there a problem with the purchase order processes and purchase requisitions (BANF) in SAP®? Instead of efficient processing, do procurements regularly bypass purchasing, which is difficult to track? With our SAP® solution CSK Purchase you minimize the Maverick Buying effect and automate complex approval processes.

The key question first: Does an additional SAP® AddOn make sense in purchasing? If transparent and optimized processes are important to you, then the answer is "yes". With CSK Purchase Purchasing, together with SAP® and non-SAP® users in the individual departments, can process the procurement of C-services, investment material or C-articles much faster.

Requests/requirements from employees are recorded in the system by the add-on and can be automatically created as SAP® BANF or SAP® purchase order following an approval process. Digital workflows accelerate these approval processes and replace form processes that were bound to e-mails or papers to which not all participants have access.  


Was can CSK Purchase perform for you? 

Through the fully SAP®-integrated self-service request portal, you can create a Automation of BANF and ordering processes make. As a result, this automation leads to paperless creation of requisitions/purchase orders and enables the Compliance-compliant tracking of the processes. If all processes are completely recorded in the system, it can be easily traced who "banft" what - without chaos!

Another plus: Agent regulations increase the approvability and shorten the process. The absence of individual responsible persons, for example due to vacation or illness, no longer leads to delays in purchasing. CSK Purchase controls the various processing steps on the basis of role-based rules. The complete digitalization also ensures that processing steps no longer overlap and "wild purchases" become rarer. You can get an overview of the current status of each purchase requisition at any time. Including the follow-on documents.  

One of the most important quality features of our software portfolio is the tried and tested system architecture. The modular design ensures the necessary Flexibility for customized solutions and is designed for good performance. HTTPS/SMTP, RFC and ArchiveLink® are available as standard interfaces. In addition, our SAP solution comes with a universal interface for catalog integration (OCI). Connect any number of supplier catalogs and create roles for restricted article access if required. 

Tip: Ideally you combine CSK Invoice with the requirements portal to ensure even more transparency through clearly clarified responsibilities, automatisms and uniform workflows!  


Why should you choose Consult-SK? 

We distribute products of AFI Solutions GmbH in the area of P2P and O2C, which are already used satisfactorily by numerous well-known customers. And this is not just a phrase, we can prove it to you! Read here in the Success Storyas the on-demand solution is used at Craemer or also at the Rheinische Post Media Group

Even after the integration of our SAP software solutions, we do not leave you alone: Our competent service staff can be reached promptly via our ticket tool. Do you have questions or change requests? Our employees have in-depth knowledge of the subject matter and will solve your problem or take care of new requirements. 

Last but not least! Our software is MADE IN GERMANY! That means, all solutions are developed and tested in Germany. 

Any questions?

With pleasure! Our managing director Stephan Kaup you can reach by e-mail at stephan.kaup@consult-sk.de or by telephone via +49 571 783435 10.