November 17, 2022

Digital workflows in SAP®: automation is the trump card

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ERP, HANA, Business Objects - a modern SAP® environment already consists of heterogeneous applications for a wide variety of digital workflows as standard. Should this really be extended by the add-ons of an SAP® partner? In this article, we explain why there is no way around it.


Applications that are "original" from SAP® regularly undergo innovations. In principle, this is a good thing. But anyone who wants to take advantage of these further developments on a regular basis exposes themselves to a variety of risks. Every integration, support package or upgrade represents an intervention in the IT organization's system.

And that can lead to failures, since SAP® landscapes in most companies have grown historically. One or the other may still remember that in the Windows context, too, it was often recommended in private circles to "Don't update! This caution is often still present in the back of the mind and can be transferred quite well to the SAP® universe. Due to high investments in licenses, nobody wants to make the click that leads to a crash.


"Don't make it more complicated!"

Over the years, various in-house consultants have made individual adjustments here and there with code snippets to keep the processes running. As a result, the system is constantly becoming more complex and confusing. Integrate even more applications for digital workflows? Understandably, the inner voice whispers, "Don't make it any more complicated!"

As SAP® Silver Partner we do exactly the opposite! We don't make it more complicated, we clean it up for you in order to create transparency in the system again and to connect processes for which there are no suitable solutions in the standard. Together with the participants from the areas of Purchase2Pay and Order2Cash we take a look at their current requirements and develop exactly the digital workflows that are needed to enable automation.

The maxim here is: As much as necessary, as little as possible. This means that your specific document processes must be represented in the monitor in such a way that your employees can work with it as intuitively as possible and find useful functions. And now comes the BUT: The monitor must not be overloaded! Complex matters must be presented as simply as possible.

For one or the other customer, this means rethinking whether internal processes are taking unnecessary detours that no longer lead anywhere. Example: Who really needs to be involved in the decision as to whether an invoice is released for payment? Up to what amounts does it make sense in terms of cost-benefit ratio to have payment processes run through automatically?


Conclusion: AddOns? Yes, please!

The integration of new AddOns from a reliable SAP® partner brings a lot of benefits!

  1. You have someone who can take a fresh look at your processes from the outside and help cut old ties.
  2. With additional SAP® AddOns you can integrate EVERYTHING into SAP®. Even the processes that still take place on paper can be mapped as digital workflows.
  3. Overall, transparency is created in the system, which enables high-quality controlling.
  4. Life becomes much easier for the processing staff because information is available more quickly, media breaks (e.g. switching to Outlook) are avoided and the waiting time for approvals is reduced.