September 29, 2020

SAP Purchase Order: Digital Order Folder Shipping

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Outgoing orders, peppered with numerous additional information, attachments and inquiries, take up a lot of time in purchasing. With our solution, the digital delivery and control of order folders can be carried out conveniently directly from your SAP system.

We took the time to research which questions SAP users are looking for an answer to in the context of outgoing orders. With the help of SEO tools, it can be quickly determined: Various filter options and the display of a purchase order for a document, vendor, invoice or requisition frequently appear as search queries.

Why do users so often search for information that the SAP system should easily spit out? After all, it's just a matter of linking and clearly presenting relevant data? Our answer: The right solutions are lacking, the PurchaseToPay and OrderToCash processes also cover everywhere where the SAP standard stops.

With DirectProcureDocs we offer you an add-on that will help you significantly reduce administrative efforts and make purchasing's work easier. After all, your purchasing staff should focus on acquiring products and services at the best price/performance ratio. And not on tediously dealing with bureaucratic processes because the SAP purchase order cannot be sent with an attachment or the dispatch from SAP MM is still manual instead of automated...!

These are the highlights of DirectProcureDocs:

  • High savings potential through digital order and inquiry folder dispatch
  • Easy conversion to paperless ordering in SAP
  • Clear display of purchase orders per vendor and purchasing area
  • Detailed filtering options
  • Automated, electronic shipping from SAP MM
  • Electronic approval workflow
  • Status display for shipping and document type as well as approvals
  • Original for each process archived in an audit-proof manner and available at any time at the click of a button
  • Maximum flexibility, data security and user-friendliness

Any questions? Gladly! Under the e-mail address or under +49 571 783435 10 you can reach our managing director Stephan Kaup.