September 16, 2020

E-Invoicing: Send outgoing invoices from SAP

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Digital invoicing processes promise a reduction in costs of between 60 and 80 percent compared to the paper version. It's high time to take a look at SAP solutions for e-invoicing.

While the electronic handling of invoicing processes has been standard in countries such as Austria, Denmark and Finland for years, Germany is only slowly catching up. With eBilling4S, we provide you with an SAP solution that allows you to send your invoices from SAP as an e-mail with a PDF attachment. You save the intermediate step of saving and sending via your e-mail program.

For sending outgoing invoices, eBilling4S brings several advantages:

  • More transparency through complete recording > seamless documentation!
  • increased security through encrypted transmission methods.
  • Cost savings for printing, shipping, postage and archiving
  • Fast reshipment after processing
  • Billing control by department
  • Increase in cash discount income due to shortened receivables terms
  • Scheduling of shipping per billing document possible
  • Direct attachment of accompanying documents such as sketches, performance records,...
  • Filters allow quick information about debtors and resending ofOutgoing invoices

Lots of good reasons to deal with the issue now, right? Thanks to our agile VIROCK implementation method we need only a few weeks until the GoLive of our AddOns. In the case of eBilling4S, a few days are enough for us! So you don't have to worry about unleashing a huge amount of time in the IT department by switching to a digital process.


eBilling Monitor: Individual dispatch control


Savings potential of e-invoicing: Example calculation

Paper & envelope 0,08 EUR

Print (in black/white) 0,03 EUR

Postage (exemplary for Germany) 0,70 EUR

Personnel costs/expenses EUR 3.27(enveloping, further processing, archiving, dispatch)

Total cost per invoice ~ 4,08 EUR

The result is.

Costs for 20,000 invoices/p.a. (conventional) ~ 81,600.00 EUR

Cost per e-bill (software & shipping) ~0.50 EUR

Per 20.000 e-invoices/p.a. 10.000,00 EUR



Any questions? Gladly! Our managing director Stephan Kaup you can reach by e-mail at or by telephone via +49 571 783435 10.