Especially in integrated ERP systems, it is often difficult for users to find their way through the complex interrelationships. There is often a lack of understanding of the consequences that an incorrect or incomplete entry in the applications can have. Problems are not detected early enough, which causes disruptions in the workflow and costs.


What if...

  • Mistakes are avoided?
  • Workflows happen faster and more smoothly?
  • The cooperation in the team is improved?
  • Competencies and areas of responsibility more clearly defined?
  • Your employees have more understanding of the processes?
  • The satisfaction in the team is improved?


We offer in-service courses in SAP applications. The opportunity to acquire, refresh and deepen SAP knowledge. Our trainers have extensive practical experience and teach you unerringly how to use SAP Procurement and Sales.


  • The sovereign handling of the system
  • Overview of procurement processes
  • Basics of external procurement of stock goods, consumables and service
  • Inventory management and stocktaking
  • Disposition Basics
  • Material valuation
  • Master data maintenance
  • Logistics Invoice verification
  • Distribution processes in sales, shipping, billing
  • Returns and credit note processing


We offer individual and group coaching for users in SAP SCM Procurement and Sales. Trainings at the workplace, online via Skype or web conferences.


Our experience

  • Over 20 projects in various industries
  • Trainer with over 4 years of training experience


CSK Academy

Beyond the personal coaching sessions, we offer access to our self-learning platform. Here, users can learn at their own pace and have our add-ons explained to them using videos, texts and online exercises. This is especially handy when new employees need to be trained on a regular basis. 

Another advantage: Frequently asked questions from your employees can be answered here, thus reducing your internal ticket volume.

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