January 22, 2024

CSK goes Cloud: SAP Service Partnership

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The future lies in the cloud. In our case, in the SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP). Three talented consultants from our team at Consult-SK GmbH have successfully completed the certification as "SAP Certified Development Associate - SAP Integration Suite and SAP BTP Extensions with SAP Cloud Application Programming Model" to take us one step further towards "development in the cloud" and deepen our expertise in the SAP technology world.


What advantages does the use of the SAP Business Technology Platform offer our customers?

The use of the SAP BTP offers SAP users enticing advantages, as the Business Technology Platform is a Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) that enables companies to develop, expand and operate SAP applications in a cloud environment. The benefits of using this PaaS are

  1. Ready for changeThe cloud environment allows resources to be adapted quickly and flexibly. Companies can scale the capacity of their systems as required, which is particularly useful when it comes to responding to seasonal fluctuations or unexpected changes in demand.
  2. SavingsBy using cloud services, companies can save costs in many cases, as the need for expensive hardware and the corresponding maintenance is eliminated. In addition, the pay-as-you-go pricing model enables more cost-efficient use of IT resources.
  3. Up to dateSAP BTP offers access to the latest innovations, such as artificial intelligence, machine learning and advanced analytics. A real turbo for digital transformation!
  4. Existing applications do not automatically have to be droppedThe platform facilitates the integration of SAP solutions with other cloud and on-premise applications. SAP applications can be extended.
  5. Security and complianceSAP offers high security standards and compliance controls in its cloud, which help to protect customers' data and applications.
  6. Simple update managementIn the BTP, updates and patches are managed centrally by SAP, which reduces the maintenance effort for companies' IT departments.
  7. Global accessWith the cloud platform, companies can offer their employees worldwide secure access to their applications and data, which is particularly advantageous for globally operating companies.


Importance of the SAP Service Partnership for Consult-SK GmbH

With the achievement of this Certification we now qualify as an SAP Service Partner. This partnership is a significant step for our company as it allows us to work more closely with SAP and gain access to further resources, training and support from SAP.

However, not all service partners are the same, as there are different levels of this type of partnership (cloud authorizations) depending on the number of certified consultants/project managers, projects carried out and SAP products used. We have exceeded the necessary entry threshold and will expand our expertise to meet further authorization requirements.

We look forward to reaching new heights as an SAP Service Partner. With our expertise in SAP solutions and our commitment to continuous training and innovation, we are ready, our customers to remain a reliable partner on their digital transformation journey in the future.

Any questions? Please feel free to contact us!

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