14 July 2021

Invoice dispatch from SAP: How to do it without media discontinuity

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You want to trigger the invoice dispatch from SAP without having to take the detour via your mail program? With our SAP AddOn eBilling4S this also works without message control.


Media disruptions and paper processes take up a lot of time and costs in everyday work. This applies, among other things, to the dispatch of invoices and accompanying documents. But if you don't have SAP Message Control, you often have to download generated documents and go through the mail program to Send invoices. We would like to remedy this annoying situation with our proprietary development eBilling4S. The solution, which is fully integrated into SAP, flexibly adapts to your requirements and can also meet future demands thanks to its scalability. Clear and detailed display and filter options ensure efficient handling.


The advantages at a glance:

  • More transparency through complete recording > seamless documentation!
  • Cost savings for printing, shipping, postage and archiving
  • Fast reshipment after processing
  • Billing control by department
  • Increase the Cash discount income due to shortened days sales outstanding
  • Scheduling of shipping per billing document possible
  • Direct attachment of accompanying documents such as sketches, performance records,...
  • Filters allow quick information about debtors and resending ofOutgoing invoices



Savings potential with digital invoice dispatch: Example

Paper & envelope 0,08 EUR

Print (in black/white) 0,03 EUR

Postage (exemplary for Germany) 0,70 EUR

Personnel costs/expenses EUR 3.27(enveloping, further processing, archiving, dispatch)

Total cost per invoice ~ 4,08 EUR

The result is.

Costs for 20,000 invoices/p.a. (conventional) ~ 81,600.00 EUR

Cost per e-bill (software & shipping) ~0.50 EUR

Per 20.000 e-invoices/p.a. 10.000,00 EUR



Any questions? Gladly! Our managing director Stephan Kaup you can reach by e-mail at stephan.kaup@consult-sk.de or by telephone via +49 571 783435 10.