November 23 2021

Know-how is the be-all and end-all: CSK is a member of DFKA

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Since 2017, Consult-SK GmbH has been represented by its own development Receipt4S® in the area of cash register systems. In essence, we help implement the requirements of GDPdU and KassenSichV in SAP®. Membership in the Deutscher Fachverband für Kassen- und Abrechnungssystemtechnik im bargeld- und bargeldlosen Zahlungsverkehr e.V. (DFKA) was now a logical step for us.


Our SAP® AddOn Receipt4S® In response to the regulations and guidelines of KassenSichV and DSFinV-K, as a large proportion of our customers are located in the retail sector and we saw a system technology gap here. This has been confirmed since 2017: Simply implementing a TSE does not solve all the hurdles that have arisen with the new legislation.

We wanted to create a central entry point to be able to manage, audit and archive all relevant POS data in an audit-proof manner. And, as a result, to enable prompt retrieval of complete data.

In numerous customer projects, e.g. at Ernsting's Family, DOHLE Handelsgruppe, tegut... and Porta, we have successfully brought Receipt4S® to live operation. The positive feedback from our customers shows us: We were and are on the right track here!" Stephan Kaup, Managing Director CSK


Lively demand despite expiry of deadline

Even now - as a reminder. KassenSichV valid since March 2020 - we receive inquiries, because there are still many question marks in the retail sector. By taking the step to become a member of the DFKA, we hope for additional exchange with retailers, POS software providers and TSE providers in order to be able to offer our (potential) customers the best possible advice. In addition, the further development of our product benefits from the current and practical level of knowledge.

Aim of the  DFKA (founded in 2012) is to "jointly strengthen the profession, which today must have highly trained electronic know-how", because "increased requirements by the legislator and technically sophisticated devices will in future lead to more advice for customers in organizational and financial matters". He added that the aim was to further qualify the specialist companies and enterprises.

We look forward to contributing to this mission and in turn learning new things ourselves from other members!