September 11, 2019

Process order confirmations paperlessly in SAP®.

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Checking order confirmations is done quickly, isn't it? Price, quantity and date are compared and after any corrections, such Purchase2Pay processes are quickly completed? What sounds so simple in theory is unfortunately often associated with avoidable effort in reality. With our SAP-integrated software solution DirectConfirmationControl, you can accelerate these processes and make them completely paperless and transparent.  

One of the reasons for the large amount of time required for data capture is the fact that order confirmations arrive at your company in different ways, e.g. in paper form, by e-mail, EDI data or fax. Gaps often occur when it comes to capturing documents cleanly and without gaps digitally. As a result, your SAP system can only transparently map part of the daily business processes.

This is where we come in: We set up a preliminary route for you, which ensures that all incoming documents are mapped in the system. Incoming order confirmations are recorded centrally in an SAP inbox. A status display in the DirectConfirmationControl SAP monitor keeps you up to date at all times. If deviations from the SAP purchase order occur, they can be identified at a glance and you can apply them to the purchase order or process them manually. Items with the status "confirmed as ordered" can be confirmed and archived with one click.

For more information, take a look at our product brochure, send us an e-mail at or call us on 0571/783435 10. In addition to DirectConfirmationControl, we offer other software solutions along the Purchase2Pay and Order2Cash process that will make your company paperless for good. E.G. DirectPurchaseControl or DirectInvoiceControl.

DirectConfirmationControl Product Brochure