April 6, 2023

Consultation hour Dr. POS: The doctor has time for you now!

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KassenSichV, DSFinV-K, TSE... All terms that do not generate a wave of laughter among retailers. But we help with worries and needs: With our consultation hour with Managing Director Stephan Kaup aka Dr. POS!

If the tax authorities ring the bell, retailers should be able to transfer their POS data to KassenSichV-compliant manner for review. But this is often easier said than done. Because: Even if the Technical Safety Equipment (TSE for short) is integrated in the POS system, this A) does not necessarily mean that it functions correctly, and B) the complete and correct Data export a thing in itself.

For all those who work with sales tax-relevant cash registers and use SAP®, we offer Receipt4S® - our self-developed SAP® AddOn - a possibility to look into the accounting future without worries. If there are still question marks over your head when it comes to the implementation of the Cash Register Security Ordinance or if you want to put your procedure to the test for safety's sake, then arrange a free consultation with Dr. POS!

On our Receipt4S home page you will find the calendar view for booking free slots.

As an alternative, on April 26, 2023, we are offering the opportunity to be part of our Webinars Get rid of questions.