Nowadays, companies have to master ever greater and more complex challenges and respond as quickly as possible to important customer and market requirements.To master this successfully, they need agile support. Only if organizations are able to adapt to important changes quickly and individually will they enable the necessary innovations and create differentiation from the competition. Process digitization is a fundamental step in this direction.
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VIROCK Implementation Method

VIROCK (short for: VISION, INSTALLATION, RESPONDING, ORGANIZATION, CONCEPT, KEYS): Our agile template approach aims to create a common understanding between us as consultants and our SAP customers. To achieve this, we install the template on a test system right at the start of the project and use your real data to check the extent to which adjustments might be necessary. Realization and conception alternate constantly. This requires a higher flexibility, but leads faster to a functional result compared to classical implementation methods.The implementation methodology plays an essential role for success. Success is defined as: 1. staying on schedule, 2. staying on budget, 3. not overworking the stakeholders. With our agile template approach, we need on average only three months from project start to GoLive!

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